Ok, so when I get my guitar, which will be a Yamaha pacifica 112v, I thought hard about the amp I should get, and I thought Roland microcube. But now someone tells me about this Peaver vypyr 15, which one is better, The genres it should be proficient in are metal, rock and a little blues, in theat order of preferance. Also, I've heard the microcube before, but not the peavy on its tube screamer, or various other effects mode, can someone also give me a link for it if they have one?

Have you seen the Vypyr thread?

There are users in there that have posted clips.

If you can't find it, go to The Gear Thread stickied at the top and scroll down.

Edit: And I would have just asked that question in your other amp thread, but it did get a little jacked up - so I guess I don't blame you for trying to start over.
Line6's are pretty nice, but you have to go to 75w to get a footswitch so watch out. Be very careful about your choice, make sure you know exactly what you want beforehand.

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^I hope you're not talking about the spider. If you're talking about the flextone then that's a bit out of his range I think.
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Its a bit of a toss up for me...i love the cubes..

But when i was at GC a month or so ago i was playing through a vypr and i didnt really even think about it. It didnt stick out as bad tone or anything. Once i realized that they were practice amps i was quite impressed.
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