HELP!! My band want to write a song in the style of Paramore but we dont know where to start.

We have tried other genres to write for but nothing is working. We just can't get any lyrics on to paper..

Any ideas?
Try using a pen.
What are Paramore's lyrics like? I've only heard like five seconds of one of their songs, and I hated it. I don't like girl singers anyway.

No matter what I try, I can't write good lyrics. I wrote a short little anti-drug lyric (it wasn't gay like Z0MGZ DRUGZ R B4D) that I might record with some of my music, but idk. My voice is only really good for playing acoustic, and I prefer stuff like Cynic and Cryptopsy.
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Just get a hot singer and make up any old crap. You'll still get famous even if your music sucks.

That's how to write like Paramore.

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Why would you want to write like someone else?
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listen to a hellalot of pop-punk.
if i listen to youmeatsix, go audio, paramore and some blink 182... then everything i write down after that is in pop sort of style.

the same happens to me with most bands though....
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Tell your bassist to write it, bassist write awesome lyrics. Nikki Sixx, Steve Harris,Geezer


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specific topic to write about? or do you want to write JUST to write? it helps when you know what you want to write about, and then just write your opinion/feelings about it, overdramtice is and put long screams and YEAAAAHHH in it. And with alot of YEAAH you might become everclear.
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Just get a hot singer and make up any old crap. You'll still get famous even if your music sucks.

This. I thought it would have been quite obvious.
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That's how to write like Paramore.

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are there any software for computer that can help with songwriting

Are you talking about lyrics, or the music itself? There are dozens of programs that can do the latter.
Look around your room/wherever you are right now. Pick up any object whatsoever in the room, and examine it thoroughly. Look at every tiny detail, the colour, size, smell, everything about it. There is enough information right there to write a song about.
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is there not any technique to songwriting

Try this.

Remember a time when you were writing a song. What did you do beforehand? What mindset were you in?

Remember that mindset? Get into that mindset again, goodbye writer's block.
to be honest, paramore have some of the better lyrics in the pop rock genre

they're slightly more intelligent than most bands

you could always try the metallica style of working, where james hetfield just jams and makes up lyrics on the spot that fit the mood and melody of the song

or you could write lyrics about something that has affected you, or sometimes it's easier to write about something that has affected somebody else, a friend or family member, or even a famous person.

Just let go, it's hard to write lyrics sometimes but it's worth it when you write good ones

Don't forget, most artists usually rewrite lyrics several times before the final version, so write a draught and show the rest of your band, sit down and discuss etc
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Try using a pen.

it took me ten minutes to get...
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