For the love of me, i cant seem to do pinch harmonics. I have been playing for about two years now, and i am by no means a good guitarist, but i do consider myself at least close to average. But i cant play pinch harmonics if you put a gun to my head. Is it the picks i am using (Dunlop Tortex .73)? is it the way i hold the picks (betwen my thumb and index finger, index finger bent inwards)? Do i even understand the concept? As far as i know you have to touch the string with your thumb as soons as you pluck the note, but i cant bend my arm or my wrist or my thumb to even come close to that! What am i doing wrong! I would really like to play some dio songs with my band, and they contain a lot of harmonics. Help!
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You're probably focusing on the technique too much. It's a quick motion, just a kind of scooping outward with your thumb, and the edge of your thumb should gently brush the string, not enough to halt the note but just enough to add a ring to it.

If you're muting or getting a dead sound, you're not exposing enough pick point. If you're just getting a solid note, you're exposing too much. It takes a while to get used to, but it should be a fluid motion, you're not changing the speed or the general way you pick, just how you move your thumb.

To be honest, I started landing em by accident when I was still learning electric. My picking was still a little sloppy, and I kept occasionally getting these cool ringing sounds, and after a while I just learned to control em. It's kind of a finesse thing, somthing you just have to keep practicing until you get it.

Good luck!

-edit- Not to say I'm not still learning or that my picking still isn't sloppy from time to time
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ALOT of Gain and Treble helps i find!
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Same boat bro, I've been trying it for days and I got one, by accident when I was really mad. hah..
just keep trying im having trouble to. its just something that takes time is what i hear from most people..
While you're learning to do them, ignore you sound quality and dial in as much treble and distortion as you can. Use a treble booster or wah pedal if you must. You'll be ready to revert to normal settings soon enough.
oh man, i can do it! I managed to pull it of on all strings, except on the low E. Of course i can do them about every 1 in 7 tries, but i did it! After a month of practice!
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
gain, treble, and hold the pick properly. Just keep on working on them. I used to barely be able to them, but now i can pull off some pretty nasty pinch harmonics every time.
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It's easiest on the third and fourth strings especially arounf the 12th fret. I've still not mastered it but I'm getting better, it's something I've been working on lately. As others mentioned it's all about the motion you use. You have to have just the right amount of pick sticking out past your thimb and you have to learn where the harmonic is on each string. Sometimes it's right by the pickup and sometimes it's not. You need to use that "scooping" motion so that your thumb hits the string right after the pick and alters the tone.

The video on justinguitar.com helped me a lot.
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