I'm looking for a cab for my Marshall JCM2000 TSL100.

Since i have my 6505/Vader rig for hardcore, im looking for something a little more..versatile. Id really like to go for a 2x12. I'm looking for good cleans, but something that is still at least semi-capable of pulling off high gain drop b hardcore.

Any ideas?

The cheaper the better.


Thats something like the clean tone id like to have...
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i like your set up..mine is pretty similar.....i had a jcm800 for years and thou i didnt experiment alot with different cab/speaker combo's...it's hard to go wrong with the industry standard 1960's cab..or even the 2x12 version..used, there reasonably priced...

what does the vader cab have in it for speakers?..i am assuming you have tried going through that...

keep us updated on what ya did..what ya liked,..what ya didnt like

good luck
Yeah, what exactly don't you like about it through the Vader cab?
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