Ok, last night when I was in that late night delirium I came up with this weird as hell chord progression, and I actually remembered to write it down! but it was unfinished. It sounds to me like it should slide up to A and repeat the progression, but because of the weird ass chords, I can't figure it out.


it's played at a very slow tempo with a slow picking pattern.

Looks like the G Major to me...
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I see the derivatives of Gmaj, Am, and Bm there...but with open top strings. Sliding up to Amaj will clash with the Am earlier...but I guess it depends on what you're looking for. Really you should just do what sounds best to you, it's your music. We can't help you with that part of it. But theoretically it looks like it should resolve to Gmaj.
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where did you get a Bm from? I just see G, Am and F

anyways, here's what I'm thinking:

None of you have an idea. Where exactly does a Bb/A# fit into G Major?

Seems to have a touch of the Lydian alteration at the end...

I'm not saying I have much more of a clue than any of you, I've long since forgotten all my modal/scale theory... but if I was reading a sheet I was improving over and that F#maj popped up I'd definitely have to do a G - A# - A - F# sort of transition over the top of it; just for the jokes clearly.
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Emin7 (1st Inversion)


Emin7 (1st Inversion)

F# 11

A most interesting progression, but I coouldent really classify it into anything particularly.
G6, Am, G6, F#7add11.

At the moment I dont have an acoustic guitar on me.
But I would say thats wierd sticking an F#7add11 on the end, but hey if it works man, go for it. You could have the next chord as F or you could go to B or Bm....I would say go to Bminor....
Theoretically it should work, try it out