So i bought a playstation 3 last week and one of the things i was most excited about was having internet access in my room. That way i could look up tabs in my room where all my gear is. All the other tabs sites it works just fine, but for Ultimate-Guitar the tabs come out as just a single line of text that goes 15 miles this way ---->. It makes tabs unreadable. I don't understand why it's just for Ultimate-Guitar and it pisses me off because none of the other tab site are anywhere close to as good as this one. Does anyone know why this is and if there's a way to fix it? Thanks
The ps3 browser sucks ass. If you are good with computers you can install linux and get firefox.
You wan't the internet in your room for this, What about porn?


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You wan't the internet in your room for this, What about porn?

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well porn works on my PS3 so thats not a problem worth writting to the pit about. but how would i go about installing linux on my PS3
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HEY! Use the "print this" link underneath the TABS It works fine then..!! trust me
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