Simon & Patrick Woodland Spruce ($375)

Art & Lutherie Dreadnaught Spruce ($325)

Both have solid tops, sound very similar and feel on the necks. I'm really being picky here.. What is making me hesitate are the looks. The S&P Woodland Spruce has a "grainy" look on the sides and back... The A&L Spruce has a lighter natural colour on the top.

If the Woodland Spruce had the awesome laminate on the sides and back from the A&L Spruce, I'd be sold.

Which would you choose?
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Well which one do you prefer the sound of?

If the only issue for you is looks, why not go for price?
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They're extremely similar. In fact, they're both made in the exact same factory. You really can't go wrong with either. I would just choose... whichever, lol. I have an A&L cedar top, myself.
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