seen this guitar in a book ages ago and can never find it.
the book was called "guitar essentials"

and in there. their was a photo of a guy playing a guitar. it had "stategy" on the headstock. presumably the makes name. although i cannot find anything on a strategy guitar anyway

anyways it was white with black scratch board. shaped like your standard fender shape.

anyone heard of strategy guitars? or want to do some research lol
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I hijacked this!
i cant find any. i put strategy guitar etc into google i get loads of f**king guitar hero
Why are you so excited about it? Do you have some information you're not telling us?
nop. i just have a boner for this guitar. but as i just found out. they were reasonably rare in the eighties. let alone me trying to get a hold of one in uk
Seems like you could just get any white strat or strat copy and put a black pickguard on it, if it's the look you like, and the rest of the appointments (black hardware, active H/S/S pups) are probably easier to find than a specific 80s off-name strat copy -- maybe even cheaper, too. Just sayin'.