So here we are, haven't been on UG since I quit playing the guitar 2 years ago. I'm amazed it's been so long. But now I'm back, that metal head in me has resurfaced this past weekend when I went to go assist my cousin in setting up his drums for his band's, Armed Aria , show this past weekend. All the bands were cool as hell, except Liquify, they were too busy being full of themselves. They weren't bad just real arrogant. Backstage at the Pepsi Roadhouse here in Pa I had many conversations with the guys from Fountain Infinity and the other bands about rock and how I should get back into it. Anyways, enough recall for now.

So I've made the decision to start playing again and try to achieve my long lost goal of playing in a band and doing live shows.

My cousin has decided to sell me his Schecter Omen 6 string for 125 due to a nick at the bottom of body and a neck that may need replacing due to a bad tightening job he attempted to do.

So this leads me to UG.

Where in the heck can I find a replacement neck for that guitar? I'm getting ready to order a 15W practice amp, picks, cables, digitech RP90 (one step up from my old RP80 lol) and I want to make sure I can find a neck online before I place the order as I've never had to replace a neck on a guitar before.

Also any suggestions on tutorial videos on how to play would be great as I was pretty good back in the day but nothing special. I want to start over and fresh right down to the very basics even if I do know them, I want to take my playing serious this time and not just **** around and take 4 years to be OK. I WANNA ROCK! lol
.....why ever quit?

Anyway, Warmoth has good necks, someone already put a link a few posts up.
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Thanks for the link, rockhard, I did google it though so why dont you suck my dick. I figured since I've gotten great help from here in the past these people would know the best place to go.

Thanks for the back up Dan.

I quit because around here it's hard to find dedicated people that want to be in a band. I also needed the money back then so selling my guitar was the only option at the time. I'm just glad to "be back home" so to speak.