i have guitar rig, but when i save a recording, it saves without the effects? when i record on other progams such as audacity and kristal it sounds crap, when i say this i mean it has no distortion, its just like acoustic sound. tbh i just want a program that has effects/distortion so i can record stuff, coss i wanna post it on my profile

i also have a hole for another jack plug on the jack plug on the usb to jack lead i have? any idea if this will help me with recording?

please help, any response will be nice
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It is possible to record with Guitar Rig's effects.

I'm not sure how in Audacity, but in Cubase you can use it as a plugin, and it'll process all your recordings.
Yeah, thats how i use guitar rig in relation to recording, as an insert plugin on a clean instrument sound. It can get a bit CPU intensive so i tend to bounce a finished guitar/bass track down and just layer it as another audio track in a larger piece.