Hey, I have a Peavey VT Series Classic 212 Amp that recently stopped working. It started humming all of a sudden (may have been due to a loose connection from the amp to my GNX3, but that's just a guess) As soon as it started humming i ran over and turned it off and unplugged the amp.
I then turned it back on to see if it maybe fixed itself!? but it didnt.
I could smell a burning smell coming from the back of the amp.
The light still turns on but there is no sound whatsoever. It is defininely not the cords or guitar.
Anyone know what the problem could be? (the tubes still light up and the main fuse looks to be okay...)
If you smell burning then you might want to disassemble the amp and check for burned out components. If you're lucky it'll be visibly obvious and easily fixable. Hopefully you can still identify the value of component (resistance, capacitance, IC number, etc..) to quickly replace it. If all your fuses are still good then I would bet that something is blown open.
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Could it be a tube short? If one starts glowing brighter than the other, you probably have a short. Turn on the amp, and watch to see if one gets brighter faster than the other. If it does, replace the brighter tube.

If you get desperate, maybe try changing all the tubes... but I'd take it to a tech first...