I recently came across this band, they are really weird, and I ****ing love their music, the guitarist uses his whammy bar a load, and the bassist is just weird. They are a very quirky band, they split in 1988, went throughout the 80's. They released 2 CD's and an EP, and I have found both their main CD's, and a few live songs.

They have 4 videos on youtube, Buffalo, Chaos, Charlton Heston, and Tupperware Stripper.

I urge anyone with a weird taste in music to check them out
I have only listened to Buffalo, at first I was like then WTF?! then I started to enjoy it weird wackiness I even saved the video onto my ipod.

I showed my friend the song though, and he said it was the worst music he ever heard
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I like it.
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