I've just bought a THD hotplate to use with my JCM800, 100 watt and having some problems...

Whenever I run it on -12db or -16db, the sound is totally unplayable - its extremely fizzy/fuzzy and it would almost annoy you. Some of this sound is even noticeably on the -8db level too!

The amp has recently been re-tubed and doesn't sound anything like that without the Hotplate. Impedance's are all matched and its connected correctly (16ohm setting on head, 16ohm hotplate and into a 16ohm 4x12 jcm800 cab). Unfortunately, I have no other heads to test it with at the moment.

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar result?

I know that 100watt down to low levels will kill a fair bit of tone and I don't really plan on using that much reduction, but a reasonable tone at that level would be handy on occasion, and I'd rather know if it is the Hotplate that is faulty!
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I've heard the hot plates aren't that transparent so maybe you're just experiencing that.
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