I've had my eye on the AS73,but the more research I do the more confused I get. I liked the sound a lot.I like a real warm deep sound(interested in blues).But the hollows are nice as well.But anyhow maybe you guys could tell me which ones you love that are under $500 semi and hollow.This is my first electric.
The AS73 is good, I'd go for it. Alternatively, look at Epiphone semi-hollows, though I like the Ibanez guitars in that price range better. The AS93 is also in your price range I believe, though it's not significantly different from the AS73.
The hagstrom Viking and Viking 2 are slso available for under 500$, but I have not tried them personally, but I thought you might want to have a look at them anyway.

EDIT: If it's your first electric, remember to leave enough money for a proper amp and accessories (gig bag, strap, cord, etc.).
Thanks,I really loved the AS73,more than the Epi Dot.I figured the amp and stuff as extra as well.I actually just bought an Epi Dot Studio in excellent condition...but I bought that one for a BB King signature and not to use.