Someone is selling one locally and i need an amp upgrade. Is this worth it? I am new to bass guitar
probably as long as its in remotely good condition
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what amp dont judge by wattage it could be a peice or crap and breakdown but if its in good sturdy condition then id say go for it i like my rumble theres better for the price but not bad
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At such a low price? I dunno you might want to try it out first there might be something wrong with it.
^Definitely try it out first. You don't want to waste $150 on a 200W paper weight. Check all the settings, go loud, test all the inputs, play slap/harmonics/just plain hard. Give it a good test run, and if you like it, buy it.
Well, which Fender amp is it? And, as our peers here have said, test it out, push it, make sure it's still usable.

Even if you don't like it in terms of tone, etc., I would suggest buying it and reselling it if it's in good shape. I'm sure you can turn a prophet on a 200W Fender you buy for $150.
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the only 200watt fender i can think off right now is bassman 250 which is a damn good amp. it could be an older model though. aslong as it's not a rumble it's worth it easily
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