B.C. Rich Guitar Kerry King Flying V = asking minimum $150.
Black Jackson JS series Rhoads Guitar = Asking $300 flat

Inputs? Great deals or total rip offs?
Hmm you need to give us more input on the state of those guitars but they seem like pretty good deals both of them especially the BC rich...
I ated them all.
definately go for the jackson, my friend has the kerry king, it isnt to great, but the jackson on the other hand, thats just a given lol
As said above the JS isn't much more new + you have warranty etc.

More detail about the Kerry King guitar please

EDIT: If it is the low end one i don't have any experience with it but it doesn't appear to be amazing for your money, i would search around for a better deal, second hand Ibanez's tend to be good for your money
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^or older Ibanez copies made by yamaha. I got one for $175 with a peavey 15 watter last year, cost $400 for the guitar alone new in 1994. Yamaha's are great sounding guitars, but they are in no way at all considered collectors items, so they are sold for very cheap on craigslist and in pawn shops.
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