I've been working on playing Primus songs to improve my bass playing. Though I'm not good enough to play any of the hard songs, I have "Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers" down and I'll have "John the Fisherman" down after I practice it a bit more. But the thing is that both of those songs have this distinct chord that Les plays (Kind of like a reverse-power, because it's always the same fret on two strings), and when I play Primus songs, I usually just use two fingers to pop both strings, and I realized recently that Les uses a Flamenco style of strumming to play the chords. I tried playing the songs with flamenco strumming instead of popping, but it sounds quiet and weak. Is there a certain technique to this, or do I just need to practice it more?
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You just need to practice a LOT more, Flamenco Guitar is incredibly hard for people unexperienced with it.