Nice soft moody intro, very chill. Very good sound, really cool riffs. Drums a little repetitive and odd sounding. Good Transition from soft to metal back to soft. I feel like you need a sick shred solo in there somewhere. Its a really cool song though you have some great riffs, good recording quality, but it think it could develop more and become really good.

Please Check Mine out as well:
Sounds really cool, what's your recording gear?
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Very cool man, great quality. The mixing and quality of the drums is especially good.
The soft stuff has just the right amount of ambiance.
I agree it needs a good solo in there. Maybe not super-fast shred stuff, but something of a feature.

I think it could use some more personality too. Loosen up a little bit, maybe put some bends in the lead lines. It sounds a bit too robotic, almost computer-like. A good vocalist and some good lyrics will help with that though.

If you could take a look at "Can You Save Me" in my profile, that'd be cool.
thanks for feedback guys! always good for future songs!

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Sounds really cool, what's your recording gear?

A m-audio dmp3 to a audiophile 2469, and i track with nuendo3

I was using impulses this time, an engl 4x12 v30 impulse, well 2, ones higher presence.

Hey, this sounds pretty awesome, there's a touch of sikth in that first distorted section, or at least it seems that way, which is a good thing. Is this intended to have vocals, cause I think they'd be pretty awesome too, and it seems like you have the facility to record them. My only criticisms really would be that maybe the structure could be more inventive (Not that the one in my latest piece is), and that I'm not so keen on the octavized lead in that last part, perhaps experiment with different intervals or try double tracking the unison - that often sounds mint. Nevertheless, this is a cool track!
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Excellent stuff right here man! Quality is great, and I like the guitar tone. Some rippin' riffs there, I love the intro riff. I'm not too sure about the sound of the drums but hey it does the job. I like what you did with the lead parts but I feel that it needed something more prominent, if you get what I mean. Also, I like how it faded into the clean bit at 1:47, it sounds really ambient there.

Nicely done!
Cool song man

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