about a year ago i purchesd Fender/schaler (i think thats the name) locking tuners an i never really figured out how to proplerly use them an what i mean by that is when i use the whammy it still goes out of tune.

so can sombody tell me how to set them up correctly
Basically you unscrew the drum (on the back of the headstock) a LITTLE BIT, like just enough for it to not be tight, and then slide the string through until it's at more or less the proper length, screw the drum tight, and tune the string to pitch -- should be around a half-turn of string on the peg at the end of the restringing process. It's still not going to guarantee the whammy won't bring it out of tune, though.
It's more likely the nut or the tremolo. Make sure you have those set up properly too.