I have a Gibson SG Special Faded with Seymour Duncan Pearl Gates humbuckers right now, but I'm starting to feel unsatisfied with it, so I'm starting to wonder if I should get a new guitar. I play everything from blues to metal to reggae and Jimmy Page is my idol, but I don't know how to fit all of that into one guitar. Under $1500. I was thinking Strat. Suggestions?
Also, what is a good brand of acoustic guitars for $300 or under?
Yeah, if you want one guitar for everything, then I'd say an MIA Strat. But if you want to sound like Jimmy Page, he used a Les Paul for most of his work. But for versatility, HSS MIA Strat.
Depends why you're unsatisfied with it. If it's just the tone, I'd recommend swapping pickups.

But yeah, we need more info. For example, if you think the neck is too slow/thick, you'll probably be recommended Ibanez/Jackson. If you want a more versatile guitar, then the HSS Strat would be great.