hi so i screwed up my pc and im going to run system restore to try fix it,the only problem is that when i try to run it, it says open with... what should i choose to open it with? thanks guys!
you are meant to go to programs and then run it from there. to be honest I've only had this fix the problem 50% of the time. The other 50% I got bluescreened and had to format.
yeah im using wondows, what happened was that i some how changed the properties of some programs and now they are saying pdf file instead of their desk top icon and when i try to run then they dont allow me to run them thanks for replying
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Have you tried deleting the system32 folder?


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sounds like that wouldnt need system restore. chances are you just accidentally changed the default program that opens those files (ex. to adobe pdf) what file are you trying to run?
forgiveforget- I think i did something along those lines. media player,realplayer and internet explorer(its not this pc,its my mams)
3 solutions.. right click on the icon and click open with. then choose the right program to open it with ex. real player files with realplayer.. if its not that then go to the properties of the icon and make sure in the "target" box its pointing to the right place.. ex for real player it should say "C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\realplay.exe".. solution #3.. take a blindfold a couple of fireworks and your computer... use your imagination