I recently bought a new guitar (a schecter hellraiser avenger), and as it is my second guitar, I plan on keeping it in my primary tuning(D standard), and putting my first guitar (an Ibanez rg370) in standard. Before I got the avenger, I had 11-48 gauge strings on my Ibanez for D Standard. I really like those strings for that tuning, what gauge strings should I use for standard that would roughly match up in tension with 11-48's? My friend has 9-42's on his standard tuned guitar, but I can't play it well at all, I constantly overbend and the strings in general just sound thinner to me as well(though I would imagine that's just a quality of lower gauge strings). On another note, I was recommended by a friend to try skinny top heavy bottom slinky's (10-52) for D standard. Would those be worth a try for the avenger?
Yeah, try 10s. Even if you don't like it, you can try other strings; strings are cheap so no much damage done to yer wallet.
yeah, personally id stick with the 11s, but if you simply insist, i wouldnt go any lighter than 10s

DR tite fit 11s bend pretty easily comparatively, my favorite strings by far