Guys are there things out there that well..harmonize!!??

like in guitar pro is there like something that u can instantly do that or gotta do it yourself ?

are there programs that do things like that or no?
Yes, there are many devices which harmonize with your playing. I have an old Digitech multi-effects pedal and it has a harmonizer. They're not all that fun. Depends on what intervals you're using.
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theres a great boss harmonizer, you just pick your key sig and it instantly harmonizes to that key in 3rds i believe.
Or the Evantide H-900 or whatever its called... I used to want one till I realised a £2,000 piece of rackmount gear wasn't exactly necessary; seeing as I was using harmony lines merely for the sake of it and wasn't in a performing live band that couldn't do without the use of physically un-playable harmonised sections. In my current band we often use dual-lead (www.myspace.com/immoral -> check "It's Not Yet Over") and when it makes more sense to keep the rhythm part we just forget about the harmony; just playing in 3rds (whilst sounding nice) is over used anyway and often adds little to the overall movement of a piece of music.
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