My friends got this pretty nice jackson roads, with duncan pickups and a licensed floyd rose trem, hes also got a sick coffin case to go with it. He said he'd sell it to me for $300 bucks, and not to sound like an assclown but, should i buy it?
Sounds like a deal to me. I got a Jackson Randy Rhoads similar to the one you described for £549 (about $800 I think?), and I didn't even get a case. If it suits the type of music you want, I'd go for it!!
Get it.

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It could be the way he is selling it you, Duncan Designed picked are significantly worse and cheaper than real Duncans, low end LFR's are unpredictable but if you treat it well it will do you good.

Even with those things in mind that is a good deal any day as long as it works well
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Yep! Do it. As long as its not broken or in need of a fret job soon go for it. I owned a RR student model from '86 once and it played better than my '89 Soloist!
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