lol.....Anyway, I wrote this tune a couple years ago the day after a relationship with a GF finally ended after ~1 year of spiraling. I use to listen to a lot of Opeth so this kind of has that same feel. My mood was pretty much total crap and this song is kinda sad/droney so that's the reason for the simple title. So, long story short, I recorded this a few months ago so I figured I'd put up a thread and let some more people feel like crap from listening to it . Anyway, some track specifics.

clean guitars - kramer vanguard into digitech rp300a into soundcard

dist guitars - vanguard into AMT DT-2 (british setting) into soundcard

drums/keys/bass - guitar pro


Song is entitled "Black"
5150 combo
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Bos SD-1 (boost)

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