I was screwing around, looking for the most expensive guitar on the site, and at $24000, this was it. It had an average of 3 stars though.

What I made this thread about is the last review on that page. Scroll down all the way to the 4 star review called "the best starter guitar." Is this kid a spoiled retard whose dad is loaded with case or a joke review? I really can't tell...I'm scared if it's teh first.
I'm 95% sure he's being a smart ass.
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Don't believe everything you read online. Someone was just trying to be funny in the review but they failed miserably
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its kind easy to tell its a joke
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I'm surprised people actually buy that guitar.

And yeah, I suspected it wasn't serious, but if it was, I want to see how messed up that kid is.
No, he wasn't sarcastic at all.
And neither am I.

At least you could have taken a hint from that carpet part...
i don't think any of these reviewers are actually serious, or indeed have even played the guitar.
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Sarcasm ftw!

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I see alot of $10,000+ guitars with bad reviews. Although you can tell that that review is just a joke, alot of people feel that guitars in that price range aren't worth the price tag. Our GC has alot of cool stuff they keep in a small glass room. I think the cheapest guitar in there was about $21,000. Some prices are outrageous on stuff IMO. I can't see myself spending anything over $10,000 for a guitar.

Aside from all that, I've seen one PRS for $100,000, and the Gibson Matt Heafy used to record Shogun is worth about $135,000.

I always wondered who buys that stuff though.