Check out the first track on www.myspace.com/defusedtheband and let me know what you think! It is kind of loud, I've fixed that, but not on that version... lol... But check it out please =-D

Leave links to your stuff and I'll check it out too
i didnt like the drums in most parts, the going directly with guitar and the 1 2 beats didnt do much for me. the overdubs on drums in some parts worked well tho. i thought during the guitar solo part the triplet part didnt really work. other than that, nice riffs on guitar. good quality. keep up the good work.

give me some constructive crit, www.myspace.com/malorium
Thanks man for the comments... Yeah, I know what you mean with the drum parts, no worries.

I listened to the first two songs on your player and I think you guys have a great sound... I like your singers style, he's aggresive, but yet not over the top. I really can't think of anything bad.... but I thought the drum sounded kind of weak, not the beats but like the sound of the drums in general. Also the guitarist might want to try some different tones and stuff too... but you guys are good, best of luck to you.
intro is a good idea, but it needs to be smoother and more consistent with the tempo changes. it sounds like you have chorus on the main riff, its gotta go. chorus is not metal. good riff though for sure. the double bass doesnt quite work with the riff, in my opinion. this reminds me of some of zak wyldes stuff, keep it up man. the solo isnt very fitting of the music, try keeping away from that tapping, and work on picking excercises.

LOL! No chorus?!?! But I like the sound of it! haha, thanks, I will try messing around with heavier guitar tones and stuff... And YES!! I was trying to pull off some Zakk Wydle style riffs. Yeah, I was trying to make the solo kind of different compared to the music, but I guess that didn't work out well... I only tapped with the beginning solo, for the ending solo I used slow pick fluttering lol. Thanks for the comments, I'm off to check your stuff out =-D