I was just wondering,who do u think is the best female band that plays rock/metal?
How would they compare to a "mens" band in the same genre?

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rageagainst64 you are a legend!
Paramore...no contest
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are you guys kidding me?

Its all about Girlschool-Rock

or Kaki king-(indie but a beast with acoustic)

and Proudly i say

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the one that makes the best sandwiches

I was waiting for this

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Honestly, Evanescence.
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acid king!!!!!!


lez zeppelin for a zep cover band
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the one that makes the best sandwiches

OMG!!! That is the funniest thing ever...you remember that butt rock band Vixen? They were half as pretty as the rest of the male butt rock bands during that era. I'd tap Striper or Cinderella before the chicks from Vixen.

Is my internal monologue broken again???

my favorite female group.

unfortunately they broke up/went on hiatus like 2 years ago.
Women can't play instruments.

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Um Heart
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I'm in a all female band... I'm hoping to change that statement one day as I kind of agree
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