So I'm looking to ugrade my amp, and I've been leaning towards a Fender tube pretty heavily. I played through a twin reverb at GC once, and had a total eargasm. The thing I'm wondering is, besides wattage, what's the difference between these 3 amps?




From what I can tell, the tube setup is almost identical, as are the settings. If I'm gonna spend this much on an amp, I want the best, and $200 isn't a huge deal when it comes to nice amps, but I can't help but wonder if the 85 watts of the twin is unnecessary.

After all, I want to be able to crank it up at home to get the tubes going, but at the same time I don't want to crack the foundation. That's why I'm wondering about the Vibrolux.

I play mostly clean/rock/blues/jazz, so no, I don't need metal. That's why I'm looking at Fenders.
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The deluxe is obviously gonna break up the fastest, it won't stay clean loud enough to gig I think.

The vibrolux is a good in between, but it won't be as crystal clear at high volumes as the twin. The cleans should still be loud enough to gig though

All three amps sound a bit different so you may want to try them in person before making a decision
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