Were going to do a recording sesh, and weve got 8 inputs to work with. For two guitar players, and a bass player, and a singer, and a drummer, whats the best way to go at this?

Band first, singer after?

How many mics should we put on amps?
Generally, how should we do this, considering we want to do it as live as possible?
I would say one mic on the bass amp, 1 on each guitar amp, and if you are playing metal go with two mics on the rhythm guitar for a little thickness. and use the other 4 on drums, 1 next to the bass drum 1 next to the snare and 2 more overhead. Then record the singer afterwards, because the singer is most likely to make the most obvious mistakes.
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As live as possible?

4 mics on drums - kick, snare, and 2 overheads
1 bass
2 guitars
1 vocal

Overdub extra guitars and vocals over top as needed. Try to put the singer in another room and have him monitor through headphones if possible. This will avoid bleed into his microphone and make punch ins for him way easier. It will also prevent him from being picked up in the guitar mics or drum mics.

We did ours like this....using ten inputs.
7 tracks on drums
2 on bass (so we could pick which tone we liked best without having to re-record)
1 scratch vocal so we could know where we were in the song when we recorded the next batch of tracks.

Once we had the rhythm beds done, we overdubbed guitars and vocals on top. Because the beds were live, we got a pretty live sound overall. It worked out well.

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As live as possible?

4 mics on drums - kick, snare, and 2 overheads
1 bass
2 guitars
1 vocal


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