Ok lets have fun, anyone who owns a peavy vypyr post your favorite tone/setting that you created.

Mine is the clean channel k-stein with the xr wild dist. on all the way its a really cool metal tone
haah i really like the Brit combo on distorted with a tube screamer! its awesome!

i usually dont put delay/reverb or anything on it tho.
Marshall Plexi dirty channel/ tubescreamer

reverb on 6

delay: 4 , 4

pre gain: full

High; 7

Mids: full

Low; 4.5

Post Gain 6.5

Gives great classic rock leads and harmonic squeals, also great tones for slash and pretty much anything rock( the who, GnR, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, etc)
I use the JSX channel, Lead.

Effects: None
Pre-gain: Max
Low: 3 o'clock
Mid: 1 o'clock
High: Max
Post Gain: 12 o'clock
Master Volume: 3 or 4 depending on whatever.

That's my br00talz tone. (Also scooped br00talz if I'm feeling it :P)