Hello everyone. I am a begginer guitarist, and I wanted to know of any really good books on how to play guitar. I'd love to get info on overall how to play; how to play chords; and also how to read guitar sheet music. I have found 4 books that I am intrested in buying. They are:


2.Sheet Music

3.How to

4.Another How to

Also, I am considering buying the Digitech rp 350. If anyone knows a better multi-effect pedal than feel free to tell me. Thanks
In my opinion, the internet is a better resource for teaching yourself guitar. After taking piano lessons for almost two years, i decided that i wanted to learn guitar, and i learned without lessons or books. THe knowledge of theory i had from piano helped, but a mojority of what i know about guitar playing (and music in general) came from simply using various internet resources. Also, learning guitar without lessons/a teacher has allowed me to learn things that interest me, which in turn helped me progress very quickly.
I Think I would just find some instructional dvds and work with them. And as far as pedals go, for a beginner, I wouldnt recommend them. Sometimes beginners tend to get used to effect and when they plug into a regular clean amp, it just sounds funny.
Then again, pedals are pretty fun to mess with.
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