i already have it traced out on to the wood, not that good of wood but fine for what i wanna do with it, im not sure how to do it so any help would be awesome

what i need help with the most is the routing

also where do i get the wood for a flamed top like joe perrys signature
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For routing, you want to make or buy templates for everything you have to route. Unless you have major experience, routing freehand is a baaad idea. Stew Mac's are expensive, but they are really good(laser cut, extremely accurate and durable). For router bits you can get bits with bearings that go up against the template and make the cutting extremely accurate. Some people prefer to use a drill press, which is fine, but personally I dont think it is as accurate, thought some people are really good at it.
What kind of wood?

^ What he said about the routing.

The flamed maple top can be purchased from any place that sells guitar woods. Look it up in the resource thread that's stickied here.
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Look up where to get all the parts unless you are really, really good with woodworking. Otherwise you will probably be wasting your money on wood.
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