I've been playing acoustic for almost a year now and recently decided to get an electric guitar and amp. Guitar Amp My question is what should I get for pedals, effects, and all that jazz? I'm looking for a ACDC sorta sound. Any help would be welcome thanks.
Great choices on a first guitar and amp.

If you're just starting on electric, I wouldn't even bother with effects, just play with that amp for a while to see what you really want, because that amp has some pretty decent amp models and effects built right in.
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Nice guitar, but for the amp, I'd either get the microcube or the 30x since they have more amp models. Those amps come with effects so I wouldn't worry about pedals quite yet.
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alright first of all, you should get any effects or pedals with that amp right there because thats what we call a "solid state modeller" amp which doesn't take pedals well because it already has an fx processor already built in and they tend to conflict. another thing is that rather than get that amp you have up there, i would suggest a Peavey Vypyr 30 which can be had for a mere 20 bucks more and comes with tons more models, effects, stompboxes and stuff like that not to mention its 10 watts more. listen to Kevin though if you're bent on getting a cube.....either the microcube or the 30x. once you can upgrade to a tube amp then we can start looking at pedals and such. i really like your guitar btw, i have an ibanez too and its great ! except mines an RG =D

good luck starting to play electric! im a beginner to but i know stuff haha because im addicted to guitaring and read up on everything possible.
oh by the way.....the Vypyr 15 isn't too bad either and for you're guitar, id look at something else like the one i will post below because it has 24 frets and they are all Jumbo not to mention i think it looks cooler! i have the guitar im posting so i can tell you from experience that its truly great and will serve you well:


or if you can stretch it this:


one of the reasons for this is that getting a whammy bar with your first guitar might be a bad idea as they are not for beginners and they tend to put the guitar out of tune easily and are hard to maintain.

glad to help!!
And if you've got the guitar you want, try visiting my blog(I'm not promoting, I'm trying to help)..

But best to try the guitar first before buying it. So go to the nearest local shop, and try out (for free I sppose) the guitars there. Then find "your" guitar. "your" sound...