I have a 1998 Volvo V-70. I have one problem with it and would just like to know something else.
First the problem. I can't play any CD that i burn from my computer. i can only play "real" CD's that i actually own. Almost all of my music is on my computer and I'm really limited to my selection. It's pretty much Sublime's 40 oz. to freedom, Green Day's Dookie,and Legend by Bob Marley. now those are all three great CD's but after like 2 months I'm tired of them. My friend told me that if i took out my radio than inside would be a spot to hook up my Ipod. i didn't take it apart because that didn't even seem logical.

The other thing i would like to know is if i could put other speakers into the car. I'm really not a car person or an audio person so i havn't even really looked into this, but I'd like to install better and newer speakers.

so any audio information for the Volvo V-70 1998 model would be greatly appreciated.

>.> Are you burning them as audio CDs, or MP3 CDs?
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Some CD players actually recognize real CD's and don't let you play fake ones. Just get a new radio with a USB plug and get your ipod in there!