im looking to either modify my ibanez sa180, bought for around $400 in the UK. its still totally standard and unmodified, had it around 4 years but theres nothing too good about it and im wanting to use it live instead of my telecaster because it can get knocked about a bit more without me worrying too much.

do you think its worth forking out for some new pickups, hardware and maybe a refinish or should i be looking at a new guitar, i went down to sam ash today and tried out some of the ibanez's in the sa series for a bit more and thought there was little to no difference in quality of tone or feel but ive heard good things about the PRS SE models starting at $500, anything else i could purchase for around this price, or should i stick to the ibanez?
I would say trade, sell, buy, etc, and see what you like.
But then again, I tend to be a gear-*****.
if you can afford em, I would say keep thinkin about the PRSs, though it depends on your musical style of course.

I would sell the sa180 and use that money, plus the money you would spend modding it and spend it on a good, gig-ready guitar that is good quality and which you can play with live.

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Get a new bicycle
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I agree with the Schecter. Those things are insane. Im gettin one for my birthday
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as a matter of fact i did play a used schecter hellraiser, it was pretty awesome! what do you think of the tempest?