I play Death Metal and punk Hardcore.

I am using a Peavey Valveking Head.
Right now i'm selling gear and i'm going to get around $450.

So i want to buy a new cabinet 2x12.
I gig once in awhile so i want to know ,
If its reliable
loud for a 2x12.

My choices
New Vader 2x12 $450
Used Genz Benz G flex 2x12 for $300

If i don't go with the choices above then what 4x12 cab for cheap would be good for
death metal etc etc
that g flex is great and so is that vader. id go with the g flex though because its cheaper

But looked for a used recto 2x12, they go for as low as $300
Personally, I'd go with the vader. I find the g-flex a rather hard cab to mic. Lots of tone is projected through the ports on the front. Great for live situations but not great for micing. It kind of has a scooped sound to it also, lots of bass and lots of treble. Mids are usually from resonance inside the cab and the speakers. The V12 legends have a great sweet smooth tone in comparison to the rather dry Gflex speakers.

That being said, I'd like to try some different speakers in the G-flex to see what improves it.
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VADER, I say it all the time.
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Vader for sure.
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They would both be loud enough. I have never heard the Vader live, but the Genz Benz is a MONSTER!!! I heard a guy play a recto through it and I have never heard a more perfect metal tone.
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Okay i'm going to get the vader later but the guy selling the Genz 2x12 is selling it for $250 and the extra money i'm buying a BBE sonic Max 482i for $75 leaving me $95 left so i can get a cheap 4x12.