Right. Tonight I'm performing in front of a decent amount of people; the most I've ever performed for. I'll be singing and guitaring. Any quick tips on how to deal with nerves?
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Beer. J/k...i used to play lead for a band, and how i dealt with it was believing that i was the best ever mother****er on guitar in history (some call it 'arrogance' :-P). Nevertheless, works a charm.
just think, most of the people there wish they could do what you are doing.
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get completely loaded on PCP, if anyone questions your behavior tell them Jesus made you do it.
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What the first guy said, think that there's no one better than you on earth.
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Just remember that you're the best, and no has been or ever will be better.
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Haven't you seen Hendrix play Monterey? Loaded on acid. So my advice is to do that.
i get the worst nerves ever before i go up, shaking like a motha****a, and thats even scarier cause then i think i cant play cause im shaking too much, but when you get up there just smile and joke around like you would in a band practice situation, talk to the crowd and your band and trick yourself into thinking the venue is a comfort zone. half the battle is forgetting your playing a show lol.
I played a show not long ago. Trust me, the nerves go away like 30 seconds into your first song. That's what happened for me.
make the crowd yours, you know be informal, talk to them, act you arent nervous, and i liked what fli.pansy said...
good luck
well just sit down and play a nice quiet relaxing riff on your guitar. and just keep playing it. close your eyes and just relax. And before you know it. you'll be on stage and rockkkk
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You'll be "guitaring"?

Damn, you are nervous

It's a valid word! In my world.
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