welp, by now it's really killing me, I pretty much always like what you do on the heavy side, but as soon as you whip out the synthey pseudodisco electro stuff, it just rubs me the wrong way. (warning, purely personal opinions of an old metal-fart incoming, disregard) It's musically not very fulfilling and doesn't add anything to the song, instead it takes away the power. Maaaaybe that stuff is the bomb live, I don't know because I avoid such scenester-bull like the plague, and maybe the girls really dig it (which is my only good argument for that stuff), and maybe it's good to show sometimes that you don't take the heavy stuff all too seriously, but on the other hand it kinda takes away the integrity for me (it really must be an age thing, but I can't quite comprehend how I could take a singer seriously with his surely heartfelt lyrics about girlfriends and cutting and bullshit after a goddamn dance break). Rant over - you like it, you keep it!
The heavy riffs for that matter were pretty much gold, and (seeing as for example the bass is missing and the song surely gets some more development) it will only get better. I take slight objection to the breakdowns, which were again standart root chug fare, but by now you now the usual remedies I prescribe (bring more chords in and/or a lead melody).
Again, I'm asking, keep me informed when you have something recorded! I'll even listen to the dance breaks, promise
this is kinda strange how it went back and forth between rock and dance rave. i think it was really impressive how you put dance music into guitar pro. kudos to that

but lke ailes sad, it would be hard to take your lyrics seriously after a dance rave. i could see it as more of a fun song then a serious one.

nice job