Just saw episode 9 of the FX show "Sons of Anarchy". At the end of the episode there was a pretty cool version of "Fortunate Son" by CCR that I've never herd before. The show just aired for the first time so I cant find any info on it on the web. But if anybody happens to catch it or knows what version I'm talking about that'd be great.

it was kind of like how Apocalyptica covers Metallica and rather than singing the play the voice part rather than singing it.
didnt catch the credits. there is a song list on the sons of anarchy web page for each episode but they didn't list fortunate son as something from that episode
Interesting.... I thought maybe Snider had a connection 'cause he had an album called "Peace, Love, and Anarchy". :^)

Thanks for your reply, and for the turn on to Frankenreiter. I'd never heard of him, and am liking his stuff.

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It's definitely Lyle Workman and the Forest Rangers. Just check iTunes. You should see a Sons of Anarchy icon next to the song.