I want to write my own "power metal" song. You know like Gamma Ray, Helloween and Stratovarius. But I can't seem to make a good song in that style. I'm not a bad songwriter, it seems I can write decent songs in Rock, Metal and even classical! But I'm having alot of trouble coming up with a good power metal type song. I can come up with some ok guitar riffs and such. And I know lots of those kinds of bands use two guitars playing in octaves for solos. But I think it's the drumming that is screwing me up. Ah, I don't know what to do besides turn to someone who may have more experience with this kind of metal. What are some good tips?
lots of double basss..and you cant go wrong with the iron maiden galloping rythem guitars..listen to the trooper. as far as lyrics go, just go with midevel invasion type themes. if you want a really good example, listen to mysteria by edguy.
hope that helped a little...
wrong forum.
i guess it should be in either techniques or electric guitar or something.


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