please check out my band. We are called Hang The Wench. We are from Bowie, Maryland. I play guitar for these guys.

Please take a listen, and if you like us, add us on myspace. Our link is www.myspace.com/hangthewenchmd.

Also, please send me a message on here telling me what you think. I want honest answeres!!!!!
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first off, i bloody love the name. second off, the font seems a little over the top (like most deathcore-y bands these days haha). and third off, from what I'm hearing is pretty sweet so far. t'would be awesome if you guys put the lyrics up. and yeah. adding.
yea you guys are pretty damn awesome. hope this makes you happy you prick, haha. the only thing id ask for is better recording quality
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So was listening to Elysia's deathcore stuff in my car. and every time there was a bass boom my speakers would just make sounds like the fireworks at the end of levels in Mario Bros. So I cranked it.
I like it, the lows on the vocals are SICK! This band reminds me of impending doom mix with a little whitechapel. Very Nice. Check out my band!! You might like us, we're DeathMetal/Hardcore

dude you guys are ****ing awesome!
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I'm gonna give this the old bump cause I'm diggin it.
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Metal is a sub-genre of metalcore since metalcore is more popular therefore better.
The **** is really ****ing good, I just kinda feel like I've heard this before. The bree bree's sounded silly where they were placed.
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It's spelled khoyaschotsii. Trust me, I'm a Native American. My name is Running Rainbow.