Because my Marshall head is gone for a while, and I've got nothing else..

I'm looking for a combo amp for under $300, could be a little bit over--but hopefully under $300. I'm open to buying used. I play all styles of music, but right now I don't think any of that matters since it's nothing permanent. Pretty much, I'm looking for an amp to keep me busy for the next few weeks.
alright dude so for anyone with a tight budget and needs a good SS amp, im reccomending them a Peavey Vypyr. In your case id either get the 30 or the 75 if you really need that much wattage. It has TONS of features and options that all sound great (which is the amazing part). It even has stompbox features and a clean/dirty channel on a bunch of really popular amp models. Not to mention that it is cheap. it definately is one of the best SS amps that you could get. There have however been a few lemons been reported but mine works great and i think you should really consider one along with a Roland Cube 30 and a Vox Valvetronix but out of the 3, i would (and i have) choose the Vypyr.

I own it and i have owned a cube and a valvetronix also but i returned the cube for the valvetronix and the valvetronix for the Vypyr and im sticking with this one. its pretty great. The cube however was a 15 watt without models so the other ones may be better but i didn't like the valvetronix too much. good for alot of stuff but not really metal while the peavey does all of it.

i do, however, seem a bit biased because after all, i DO own this amp and i just got it a few days ago so i may be a bit overexcited so take this with a grain of salt but i for one love my vypyr.