I just bought an Ibanez JEM77VBK on sunday, and I love it. I want to keep it looking and playing as good as when I first bought it, so I have 2 questions...

1. Would It be okay to use glass cleaner on the Mirror pickguard?

2. Would glass cleaner hurt the rest of the finish?
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Yeah, that's what I'm thinking, but for the second quesion, I was talking about If i accidentally got it on the body, not actually using it on it.

Well if you're THAT concerned you could wash it every time you change strings, and take the pickguard off while doing so. Otherwise just use a spot with the cleaner on it, and use your push with your fingertip for cleaning along the edges.
what material do they make mirror pickguards out of? If its a plastic, you might just want to use regular guitar polish on it like you would the rest of the body. Not that you probably couldn't use glass cleaner, just seems to make more sense to me seeing as how its likely not made of glass.
a guy told me that the tremolo bar was called the "distortionator"
CD Cleaner works well. if you have any of that around use it. dosent hurt the finish at all. ive used it many a time
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