Alright, I get Peavey makes good amps and all, but everyone talks about the Classic 30 like it's a 1959 Les Paul, but low-priced. Good for whatever. If it is then excellent, but I've never heard it or of it before joining UG, so I'm a bit skeptic. Anyone who owns one, can you please post your thoughts, as well as a few basic specs(speaker size, class A or AB, etc.), I'd really appreciate it.

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The C30 is a 1x12 combo, class AB i think. Its pretty good. I really loved mine when i first got it, but now im sort of getting over it. Not enough gain for my liking, even with a boost. If you play blues/classic rock it will be perfect for you. It is a great amp, very nice cleans and the overdrive channel is good too. The only reason i dont like mine as much anymore is i realised it really doesnt have enough gain for what i play.
Specs are easily found anywhere online. Its popularity derives from its ability to do a lot of different styles passably well at a good price.

The cleans are british, that is to say chimey but not hugely warm. The OD has a big range and is much smoother than say the Hot Rod series from Fender. It's got the standard Peavey low-mid thing going on, so the voicing is more modern than Peavey might like you to believe. It's no dual rectifier, but it's not a plexi either. Basically it bridges the gap such that you can get away with playing vintage and modern rock with one amp especially if you have an OD pedal.

Reliability is better than most other Peaveys. I've seen issues with bad joints and burned PCBs but for the price that's to be expected and to be fair they're built as well or better than many more expensive amps.

So, overall it's a really versatile amp at a decent price. To me that's why it appeals to so many people on here, since the demographic seems to be towards bang for the buck amps that cover a lot of ground.
I had one for a while and really liked it. If the gain isn't enough, you could try a Fulltone Fat Boost in front of it. That's what I did and the Fat Boost gave it that "little push over the edge", to quote Nigel. The only reason I got rid of mine was because I found a Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket.
Bought one the other day actually head and 2x12 cab never played 1 before i bought it but had heard good things like yourself and took a punt and it was well worth it. Very Versatile amp period. Not a huge amount of gain but when played with my ESP kh-2 with emg pups it actually suprised me how much gain it did have. At the same time using an ibanez semi-hollow body gave beautiful cleans and great rock/blues tones. Could not recommend this amp highly enough especially for its price paid $900 Australian retails for about $2000 here(head and cab that is)
To bump a 3 day old thread. I own a C30 Combo, it's 10ish years old and still has stock speakers in it. The thing is absolutely amazing for the price (I paid $300 used in near perfect condition). It has a good tone (great, again, if you factor in the price), good versatility and it's 30 watts can easily get over the entire band.

It is the perfect Blues to Classic Rock amp like everyone says (in the sub $1000 range atleast). I don't play either very often, but it does a passable job at garage-rockish and Indie stuff that I play. The cleans are decent, it sounds midway between a Fender and a Vox (British voiced, but it shimmers a little like a Fender); it's very middy and breaks up pretty fast (put normal above 6-7 and it sounds like the drive channel). The drive channel, contrary to what everyone says actually gets pretty nasty if you turn it all the way. I think it could do everything short of metal, hard rock with modern gain.