So about a year ago i put some strap locks on my gibson doublecutaway ( i was performing a lot and needed them) Now the lock at the top of the body is becoming loose. I wouldn't say to the point were the strap lock is going to come out, but its not in place and i can wiggle it around. Is there anyway i can make it tighter so it will stop moving? Or should replace em? or just leave it alone? Thanks
screw it back in

sometime sthey come out
because the screw maybe slightly different to original
and if your really bothered use some loc-tite

and if the whole sto big stick a matchstick in scre wit it and brea off the excess
if its screwed in, take it out, plug the gap with broken up pieces of cocktail stick or toothpicks
superglue it up, then screw the locks back in
and then use a little more superglue to hold in place
it wont hold forever, but it should help a little
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