I'm placing an expensive order there (haven't yet), I couldn't find any reviews on ciao or other sites, has anyone had any experience with them? Good/ bad?
Oh, so you have used Imuso?

I was going to use GAK, but I'm worried the TT Combo may not be in stock, and I've heard how they treat their customers and don't like it.

Imuse also say it is in stock so I can order from them. In this case it is actually the same price for what I am ordering.
I am concerned about ordering from GAK, from what everyone else has told me the ME-50 does not come with an AC adaptor, and it doesn't say so on their site. Also (i might be being paranoid here) but lots of TT combos were stolen recentyl, so I think it may not be in stock. I have heard GAK are very bad for not delivering things which aren't in stock ,and not telling you whether or not they are in stock, and people never recieveing their products for birthdays.
As it is my birthday in 1 week I would like it to arrive on time!
merchant city music is the best place ive ever bought from. my bass came in mint condition superfast, and completely set up, perfect intonation
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I always make a point of phoning whatever store I'm using to make the order as you can explicitly ask if its in stock ready for dispatch. Im an impatient bugger by nature and if its not there ready to be packaged for next day delivery(48hrs tops) il pass on the sale and go elsewhere that is.
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you just need to phone GAK's actual store to see if things are in stock btw

but all the sites you've listed from are fine
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I've seen Tiny Terror Combos literally piled on top of eachother in GAK's shop. The thing to remember though is that the online store is a sister company with its own stock, although they're both supplied from the same warehouse. It's very confusing and even the staff admit it.
Stay away from GAK, i've ordered a few things from them that i had to cancel because it wasn't in stock, and would take months to arrive. From my experience, Thomann are the best around (for Europe) although i do realise they charge quite a lot for amps for the some reason. If not them other good shops are dolphin music, soundslive and richtone.uk
DV247 are ok, not as fast to dispatch as the others i mentioned...
To be perfectly honest, I'd be happy to order from any of these shops:

Merchant City Music
Who ever took over sound control (Reverb or something?)

As long as you ring up and confirm its in stock, I'd be happy to take a chance on any of them, personally i'd let it come down to the price

EDIT: These aren't the only shops i'd buy from, just the immediate ones that came to mind =]
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+1 for Merchant City Music, it's a great wee shop in Glasgow, and the staff have always been really nice and helpful. Bought my S520EX from there, got a good deal on it, plus a gig bag.

Edit: They also do online price matching, so if you ask you can probably save money on the TT combo since it's £20 cheaper on GAK.
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