Sounds pretty cool. Guitar sounds really crisp and nice. Vocals are okay, a little pitchy here and there but I'm not a vocalist so I can't really comment in depth. If I were to change one thing it would be the drum beat, it seems a wee bit laggy. Overall though, nice tune!

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Ok, well can I assume the start-stop stuttering of the beat is intentional? If it isn't than it's an obvious point of criticism as it can't be missed.

The song itself is good. I think the singing needs some work. Even if the song is intentionally emotionless, the vocals still need some more gravitas. I can hear that you have it, just gotta let it out.

Let's see how many bad things you can find in MY song. (There's lots to poke holes in.)
    I liked it
    I really like folky/acoustic type stuff
    Oh, and for my recording, i fixed it up, lowered the gain, and it should be fine now
    sup, my name is abe
    Its quite good, the begining thing is kinda weird with the central operator what not. The chords are weird sounding, they sound out of tune, maybe bass just doesnt fit. Your voice is pretty good. Its kind of repetitive and has nothing that really shouts out at you. You need some energy, some change in mood. The solo was pretty cool, maybe up the volume a bit. overall i like the tune.

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