The 2006 remake was a waste of 3 hours of my life. It was pretty much a ripoff of Final Destination with religion mixed in, minus hilarity and gore. The actors were terrible and tbh, there was no plot. Nothing happens the ENTIRE movie until the last half hour.
I really expected to see more "omens" and actual SCARY stuff, not badly scripted deaths. Whoever made this remake should get their nuts mutilated.

boo hoo
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agreed, the original was WAAYYY better, then again it had Gregory Peck, and Gregory Peck was born from win!
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i liked it. it thought it was better than the original, actually, despite it being a classic. some classic movies just bore me nowadays. i fell asleep during jaws.
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It's pretty funny when the guy gets his head chopped off, other than that it was boring
dude it was like 2 years ago, move on, have some pie


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It's fun when the kid uses tackle with his tricycle .

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I watched it when it came out so I can't really remember it, I remember thinking it was pretty boring though..I'd still like to see the original
Haven't seen the original but the 2006 release was terrible. Apart from a few scary bits in the bathroom it was a waste.

Movies like that need more occult in them
Terrible, terrible movie, with Liev Schrieber, the guy who played the father, leading the way with his atrocious acting. The original series was good. The remake shows another reason why hollywood has been going to the dumper for years.
i actually liked it.

i just thought that it was a letdown really cos it wasnt as creepy or scary as i wanted it to be
I watched Queen of The Damned last night thinking it would be as great as Interview with The Vampire but god damnit I couldn't have been more wrong - one of the shittiest movies I've ever seen. As for The Omen I've seen stuff from the original and it looks great, I think I'll watch it sometime. I guess I'll stay away from the remake then