I have a telecaster body, which I want to modify for humbuckers.

Routing it won't be a problem, but I need to find the centre line of the body.

How would I go about doing that?
Measure the neck pocket width along the edge next to the neck pickup, halve it, mesaure that in from one side and draw a perpendicular line down the body.

That should work

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Cheers - I've done that, and it "looks" right.

I was wondering if there was any other way to confirm before commiting with the router! Measure twice cut once and all that!!
hmmm... Do the same thing for the bridge mounting holes. If the two lines match exactly then your ok.
If it's a non-Fender body, as in manufactured by an independent shop, it really helps to install the bridge, neck, and other hardware to confirm they "fit" together.

For example, I had to make tiny adjustments when I used a Mighty Mite neck with a Fender body. Part of measuring twice and cutting once.